Win a date with an Ethicurean

You have to pay for dinner, though.

Alright, I’m just messing with you. The truth is, we’re not really dating right now. But I’m glad I have your attention, because the Well Fed Network has announced its nominations for the 2006 Food Blog Awards, and guess who is in the running for Best Group Food Blog? C’mon, guess!

Yes, the Ethicurean is in the company of blogs such as the wonderful Slashfood and Chow, who are also nominated. I admit that our virtual newsroom is buzzing with excitement and that our egos are purring right now. It really is great just to be nominated — I used to think people were full of shit when they said that!

But we would like to win so we can have that little button thingie on our site, and so we can have swelled heads and brag about our blog at parties. Which will be awesome, because I think everyone has already heard about my SAT scores and the fact that I could probably get into Mensa if I wanted. Oh, and that I talked to Laurence Fishburne at a bar in Seattle once.

Even though we’re not available for dating — if you vote for us (which you can do easily by clicking here), we’ll probably have a crush on you.

2 Responsesto “Win a date with an Ethicurean”

  1. Lauren says:

    I just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and am already in love, requited or not. You have my vote.

  2. La La Linda says:

    U R 2 cute…I forwarded the voting site to your many fans and colleagues, so let’s get those votes COUNTED!