Web video snippets with an Ethicurean slant

Snowed in? Taking a break from cooking? We've run across some Web videos that Ethicurean readers might be interested in.

nestletv.jpgTreehuggerTV goes supermarket shopping with nutritionist Marion Nestle, learning about wax on produce, country of origin labeling, and what organic means. One confusing bit: Nestle says apples aren't in season right now, so the ones she's looking at "could have come from anywhere, even South Africa" — but they could also have come from the Pacific Northwest, where plenty of apples are still available at farmers markets.

Want to know what the big deal is about genetically modified food? Rent or buy The Future of Food, the powerful — and some would say, propagandist — documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia. Or watch it for free, split up by enterprising viewers into several segments, on YouTube.

julietv.jpgFood blogger Julie Powell, made famous by her book "Julie and Julia," is attempting a DIY cooking show. Food and Wine has a preview on its website. It's not much of a promo — both picture and sound quality are abysmal — but the interesting thing is where it takes place: Fleisher's Grassfed and Organic Meats in Kingston, New York, which Powell calls "the greatest butcher shop in the world." I complained in my review of Powell's book about her scornful dismissal of ethical meat and organic food in her book, but it appears she's changed her 'tude.

In non-TV but related news about bloggers turned book authors, this month's Food & Wine has a worshipful feature about Bay Area blogger Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks. I'm a big fan of Heidi's newest blog venture, Mighty Foods — the "who, what, how and why of natural foods" — but the F&W article is pretty cheesy. Titled "How to be a Natural Cook," the writer's gushing makes Heidi's cooking without processed ingredients sound as revolutionary as wearing a hemp sack to a couture show. The "Broken Lasagna with Walnut Pesto" recipe does look tasty, though.

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