Digest: UK to get tough on food miles, heritage pork profiled, missing fruit

No more “organic” imports: Britain’s Soil Association is considering withholding the organic label from food that has been imported by air because of the unsustainable “food miles” it has traveled. Guardian (UK)

This little piggy was raised on a farm: An article in the travel section, of all places, extols the gustatory — and ethical — delights of heritage pork. USA Today

Where’s the fruit?: A watchdog groups says more than half of the most aggressively advertised children’s foods that feature fruit on their packaging or even put the word “fruit” in their name don’t actually contain any. San Francisco Chronicle

Milking their 15 minutes: The Welsh dairy farmers who posted dating ads on their bottles are being deluged. Washington Post

Pro-cloning argument: A Harvard professor opines on how cloned animals could be a boon to African countries, and to preserving endangered species. No mention of how herd health has always depended on evolutionary diversity. BBC

Ready to clone: Ranchers are getting ready to sell cloned meat, but the FDA’s public comments indicate Americans will be reluctant to buy it. Boston Globe

SoCal shortages: Shoppers at farmers markets in the L.A. area are feeling the pinch from the freeze. L.A. Daily News

Dairy debate: Utah is considering allowing the sale of raw milk. Salt Lake Tribune

What would Amadeus eat?: The Kitchen Sisters take listeners to Vienna, where Alice Waters and many others took part in a month-long, one-of-a-kind event linking agriculture and culture, with food at its heart. Supposedly it was a Mozart festival…as envisioned by Peter Sellars. NPR

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  1. On “Where’s the Fruit?” I’d say just what took so long to discovery this dispicable emptyness in children’s cereals–certainly it did not emerge from the consciousness of the food executives who created it and slopped it onto the unsuspecting plares of children.