Snacking between Digests: Blog bites from all over

I'm reading so much news now, trying to help make the daily Digest as comprehensive as possible, that my blog reading has greatly suffered as a result. Fortunately, readers have been sending in links to great posts on other food-related blogs. Instead of lumping them in with the Digest, I'm thinking they should have their own semi-regular round-up. (Suggestions for a name are welcome.)

Ewe-logy: A cheese lover tells of a small New York farmer whose 15 lambs went to the slaughterhouse and never came out, the meat trapped in a USDA-imposed bureaucratic limbo. It's a sad post that reminds us of the difficulties small farmers face in an industrial world, and that like it or not, making cheese often also means creating meat. Cheese by Hand

Bad dye job: Erik Sherman has spotted wild salmon at Whole Foods with a tag that says it's been dyed — which doesn't pair so well with Whole Foods' "quality standards." Flash in the Pan (Via Obsession with Food)

Get growing: A good, basic guide for starting your own kitchen garden — February is the perfect time. Get Rich Slowly

Bubblicious: Harold McGee explains why bubbling speed is important for sparkling wine, and how glasses help or hinder it. Curious Cook

Oh, grow up: A link to what sounds like an interesting interview with a professor who thinks vertical farming could make urban food production centers viable. Fauren

Et-him-ology: Sometimes food bloggers take themselves a little too seriously. (Not us. No way. OK...sometimes.) To the rescue is Barry Foy, who serves up fanciful, farcical food definitions twice a week. For example, tuna: a fish "so delicious that we have decided not to waste any of it on future generations." Devil's Food Dictionary

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