Digest: “Because we can” not reason to clone, more on antibiotics ban, Monsanto dumped PCBs in UK

The ethics of cloning: Most of the op-eds we’ve seen about eating meat and dairy from cloned animals have tried to appeal to Americans’ personal health fears. This one aims for the heart of animal lovers. Business Week (Thanks, Marc)

This is your food-chain on drugs: Federal legislation introduced by Senators Edward Kennedy (D–Massachusetts) and Olympia Snowe (R–Maine) and Representative Louise Slaughter (D–New York) would phase out the use of some medically important antibiotics that are also used for “nontherapeutic” purposes in animals like growth promotion and disease prevention in the absence of any actual disease. A Farm Sanctuary coordinator says the legislation “would mean a complete deconstruction of the way the [industrial agriculture] system exists now.” We say, Bring it on! New Standard News

If this corporation were a person…: It would definitely be a sociopath. How Monsanto helped to create one of the most contaminated sites in Britain. Guardian (UK)

Not a pretty picture: The USDA has released agricultural projections to 2016 that describe what the food industry can expect if current farm policy is continued. They include rising corn prices, more high fructose corn syrup exported to Mexico (and more sugar imported from Mexico), a slowdown in beef production. MeatProcess.com

Fair-trade flu: Indonesia has stopped sending samples of its avian flu virus until it can work out with the World Health Organization assurances that it won’t be at the back of the line when it comes to handing out any vaccines developed. New York Times

“Take or leave the philosophy, but the wines are fantastic”: Forget buried cow horns and hippie mysticism. Some of the world’s greatest vintners have signed onto the biodynamic philosophy, including Domaine Marcel Deiss of Alsace, Italy’s Emidio Pepe and Araujo Estate Wines in Calistoga. San Francisco Chronicle

Deercycling: In an informal “waste not” program in Minnesota, police call volunteers who’ll pick up deer roadkill, and they then dress it and eat it. Star-Tribune (MN) (Via Edible Nation)

Tale of two piglets: A most anthropomorphizing story about Pickles and Relish, two pigs living at the historic Deer Hollow Farm in Los Altos Hills. A great read over your ham sandwich. Mercury News

Japan strict on mad-cow: Japan has suspended beef imports from a U.S. processing plant after finding undocumented rib meat in a shipment. All beef destined for the country be from animals that are 20 months or younger. Associated Press

Let us pray: An organic café, Lettüs, in San Francisco aims to bridge the gap between local-ingredient guru Alice Waters and McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc … and do it with sustainable design, to boot. Metropolis magazine

I’ll have a Brownie instead: For the first time, all eight kinds of Girls Scout cookies sold this year have no trans fat. Except … it’s not true. Reno Gazette-Journal

Free lunch, no; free speech, not so much either: Restaurant critic Michael Bauer reports that an Irish court has ruled that a “hatchet job” of a restaurant review constitutes defamation and has fined the newspaper. This could put a serious chill on food blogs — and this one. SFGate.com

COOL Brittania: UK farmers want country of origin labeling. Under current law, food that is processed in the UK can be labeled as made there, even if its ingredients are sourced elsewhere. Finanical Times

And that’s the word!: It’s true, or at least truthinessly so — Stephen Colbert is getting his own Ben & Jerry’s flavor. Americone Dream promises “the sweet taste of liberty in your mouth,” or at least vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered pieces of waffle cone and a caramel swirl. E! Online

Mooving story: Organic Pastures’ Mark McAfee speaks at a Pennsylvania conference about his unusual practices for his raw-milk operation. Lancaster Farming

One Responseto “Digest: “Because we can” not reason to clone, more on antibiotics ban, Monsanto dumped PCBs in UK”

  1. Jack says:

    Jon Bonné’s article in the SFChron on the Return to Terroir event last Tuesday in LA was excellent. There were about 200 wines to taste from 50+ producers (almost all were biodynamic) and two panels plus two talks by Nicholas Joly. A great tasting of sustainably made wines.

    Girl Scout Cookies: How hard is it to understand that if the box lists partially hydrogenated oils as an ingredient and that if you eat one more cookie than the “serving size”, you’ll have enough trans fat that you could no longer by USDA regs say that they are trans fat free?