Jamie Oliver shows kids what’s in their Nuggets

oliver.jpgIf there were an Ethicurean Mt. Rushmore, Jamie Oliver’s mug would be on it.

The British chef and organic-food proponent first used his celebrity from his popular TV show “The Naked Chef” to start charity restaurants where disadvantaged young people could learn a trade, and then launched a quest to change what U.K. schoolkids eat. The show “Jamie’s School Dinners” followed his bumpy attempts to persuade schools to offer more fresh produce and real meat instead of processed food like chicken nuggets.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not enough to give kids good, healthy food — you have to wean them off their fast-food addiction. Grossing them out is one tactic, as Jamie Oliver does very effectively in this video on YouTube. It’s not new, but it’s fun. (Thanks Gretchen!)

2 Responsesto “Jamie Oliver shows kids what’s in their Nuggets”

  1. Jack says:

    Okay, this WAS worth a post on.

    But it’s sad that something like this is rare – a top chef focused on kids. Most celebrity chefs are doing charity events for the ultra-rich instead. :(

  2. Whigsboy says:

    Thanks very much. My wife and I are big Jamie Oliver fans. I keep forgetting to DVR his Travel Channel show after the idiots at the Food Network stopped showing Naked Chef so we could see even more of Rachel Ray and Giada I’vaGottaBigHead.