Digest: Cloning problems, USDA goofs, Barber’d carrots

Cloning still imperfect: One of the best mainstream articles we’ve seen that give the lie to whether cloning can perfectly reproduce champion animals… or even healthy ones. Philadelphia Inquirer

“Minor record-keeping errors”: That’s what the USDA called hundreds of cases of incompletely documented imported cattle from Canada, where mad-cow disease continues to be discovered. Will that hold up in court? Chicago Tribune

Savings and clones: Cyagra has been selling cloned animals since 2001 and now produces about 60 a year, for $17,000 apiece. Philadelphia Inquirer

Imaginatively modified carrots: Dan Barber has a funny story about playing unsuccessfully at being a creator-farmer-mad scientist, or a lucky chef-gentleman farmer-copy cat. Endearing evidence that even chefs bite off more than they can chew. New York Times

Slaughterhouse blues: Hooker, Oklahoma, a dying town with far more livestock than people, was first excited then dismayed about a $200 million Smithfield Beef processing plant to be built a few miles east of town. Naples News

Freshman 15 begone: College students want healthier, more environmentally friendly food choices, and campuses all over the country, but particularly those in California, are responding. More than 200 college dining officials from around the world recently gathered in Long Beach to discuss slow food and organic produce. SignOn San Diego

Crunchy Colorado: Several high-end SOLE food restaurants have opened in Boulder, refining the town’s hippie past. New York Times

Turkey bacon?: Berkeley High School students are now getting free breakfast, courtesy of cafeteria activist and well-known Lunch Lady Ann Cooper. Berkeley Daily Planet

Japan encourages organic: Japanese organic farming pioneer Yoshinori Kaneko sees hope in a new law to promote more sustainable agriculture. Daily Yomiuri

2 Responsesto “Digest: Cloning problems, USDA goofs, Barber’d carrots”

  1. La La Linda says:

    Kudos to the Ethicurean for keeping us so well-informed.

    True story. Perusing the menu with lipsmacking anticipation, we were akk looking forward to an upscale meal at the yacht club with a praised dining room in South Florida while on a recent vacation. And there it was, in fancy letters, just like the Dairy Queen said it might be, “White Marble Farms Pork Chop…” And oh boy were my tablemates impressed when I let them know that was nuthin’ but Cargill. Especially since they were from the midwest and had been in farming and knew ALL about Cargill.

    Pretty sneaky. We ordered the fish.

  2. Lorin says:

    Dan Barber’s story in the NYT is a complete re-do of the one Peter Kaminsky wrote for Home & Garden a couple of months ago! How boring. I mean come on. How much press is one guy gonna get off a carrot?!?!