Digest: Beef and sperm link, organic kiwis beat industrial, toxins everywhere

Male sterility and beef steroids: A new study says men whose moms ate a lot of beef during their pregnancy have a sperm count at 25% below normal. Possible suspects? Anabolic steroids used to fatten cattle in the U.S., or pesticides and other contaminants. Although the study is a little shaky, relying on women’s recollections of what they ate 20 years ago, it’s yet another reason to buy organic and/or grassfed beef — as if we needed one. Los Angeles Times

Believe it or not: A research study concluded that organically grown kiwis had more nutrients than conventional. Telegraph (UK)

Poisoning ourselves: The contamination of pet food with rat poison shouldn’t be a surprise, given the number and variety of poisons the world employs to get rid of unwanted pests. New York Times

SOLE food to go: Seattle has a new niche market that sells frozen prepared meals. So what? All of Eat Local’s produce and meats are sustainably raised (organic, free-range, grass-fed), come from within a several-hundred-mile radius, and are seasonal. Seattle P-I

Interesting use of adjectives: Restaurant reviewer Rachel Forrest enjoyed her “Jamaican jerk White Marble pork chop (meaning a ’boutique’ chop from trendy White Marble Farms).” Wonder where she got that mistaken impression…. Seacoast Online

The Pollanation continues: Brief Q&A with the two young filmmakers behind the new documentary, “King Corn,” now playing on PBS. Plenty magazine

Globalization’s victims: An op-ed by an Indian woman on revisiting her homeland and seeing some unpleasant effects of the Green Revolution. (Des Moines Register) Wisely, African farmers say they’re in no hurry to host the second such revolution.

Have it our way: Burger King has announced it will be moving to cage-free eggs and pork from cage-free sows. For more, see today’s earlier post. (New York Times)

Bye-bye to some bags: San Francisco has voted to outlaw plastic checkout bags at large supermarkets and chain pharmacies. Biodegradable plastic and recyclable paper bags will still be allowed, and smaller businesses won’t have to switch. San Francisco Chronicle

NYC’s latest Whole Foods has stand for local picklemakers, plus cheese-aging room (New York Times)

Why big-box retailers like Wal-Mart can never be sustainable, no matter how green their practices (Grist)

A California committee passed bills designed to prevent E. coli contamination of leafy greens (Associated Press)

Politicians want answers about poisoned pet food (Kansas City Star)

Brazil temporarily shuts down Cargill’s Amazon River soy-export port (Washington Post via AP)

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