Digest: Riggle clones around, ag-tech check, organic pet food


“Perfect steak all over again”: Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle hosted a segment on cloned meat a few nights ago, complete with bizarre-o appearances by the CEO of cloning leader ViaGen and Adam Eidinger from “Big Eco,” aka the Organic Consumers Association. We love the awesome animation of the “natural” process of bovine duplication. Warning: Don’t even try to watch this video without at least a DSL connection. Comedy Central (Flash video)

The Graying Revolution: In the second part of a series on the state of food production across the globe, Mark Doyle visits India, site of the first great experiment in intensive farming, to see if the limits of the Green Revolution been reached. With Indian farmers committing suicide because they can’t keep up with the costs of artificial inputs, and with groundwater contaminated with pesticides, some say yes. BBC News

Organic pet food standards: Sales of organic pet food are definitely on the rise in the wake of the Menu Foods scandal. They were already growing fast, however, and an Organic Pet Food Task Force is working on proposing labeling standards that organic manufacturers would have to meet in addition to existing requirements that apply to all pet foods. A committee of the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board is reviewing the standards that could go into effect by 2008. Forbes (AP)

If we can’t beat it, we’ll eat it: Journalist Dan Imhoff explains in simple terms why we should care about the off-puttingly complex Farm Bill. Culinate

It makes our heads hurt, too: Ag economist Keith Good summarizes a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report that summarizes all the major Farm Bill proposals. FarmPolicy.com

“The other guilty meat”: An op-ed from someone who recently decided to learn more about where her holiday ham came from. Christian Science Monitor

Oinking outside: For its “All American Salute to Pork” issue, the Mercury goes to a beyond-organic hog farm. Portland Mercury

Pigs 1, Feds 0: No feral hogs were even glimpsed by USDA helicopters hunting them in western Missouri. Brownfield

Supply-and-demand roulette: How much corn are Midwestern farmers going to plant this year? Minnesota Public Radio

Grow your own way: Tom Philpott exhorts readers to get their hands dirty with a little backyard agriculture. Grist

A big Texas Carl’s Jr. franchise owner is converting its vehicle fleet to use grease (MSNBC)

The “voluntourism” vacation trend is booming, thanks to Sustainable Harvest International and other groups (CNN)

A hot-dog vendor became the first person fined under new foie-gras ban (Chicago Tribune)

An Iowa hog facility accidentally released about 10,000 gallons of manure into a local creek (KCCI.com)

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