Digest: Check your kibble, rice growers speak out, corn ripple effect

More bad pet food: The pet food recall has been expanded to other wt food brands and dry kibble as well. Boston Globe (via AP) While the AP story says the FDA would not name the manufacturer, the FDA's website says that Hill's Pet Nutrition is recalling its Prescription Diet dry food.

Hell no, don't grow: The U.S. rice industry wants the USDA to forbid a company from growing genetically modified rice in Kansas. They fear more cross-contamination that could torpedo their export market. Thank heavens for the trickle-down effect of Europe and Asia's more stringent laws against GM food. Chicago Tribune (via AP)

Corn effects: After the announcement that U.S. farmers prepare to plant a record amount of corn, the ripple effects included a bump in stock prices for the major meat producers (because feed prices would lower). New York Times

Strange fruit: An amusing essay on persimmons and wasted-food guilt. What? It's not perfectly normal to say, “It’s starting to go bad. You have to eat it”? New York Times

California producers to be regulated: The California Senate Agriculture Committee approved legislation to regulate the state's produce industry, but amended it with some vague language that could lead to joint oversight by state health and agriculture officials. The proposal requiring produce growers to be licensed was dropped. The Californian

Totally buzzed: The House Committee on Agriculture held a hearing March 29 on colony collapse disorder, the mysterious illness plaguing honeybees. To learn more, check out this new 13-page report, which reviews how honeybees are used in agriculture and what's known about the current crisis. Congressional Research Service (via Open CRS Network)

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  1. Just to clarify, according to Hill's website, only the dry m/d formula cat food is being recalled - our cats are on the w/d diet and at this point that and other Hill's Prescription Diet formulas are not affected.