Digest: NYT blesses conscious carnivorism, corn farmers propose plan

A shocking new development: Ethical meat eating is officially blessed by the Week in Review section as a hot trend, part of the bigger shift toward becoming more responsible consumers in general. New York Times

Corn stands alone?: The National Corn Growers Association has a Farm Bill plan that would scrap the current subsidy system that ties government payments to fluctuations in crop prices, and replace it with a program that would provide payments when average revenue drops. Reporter Philip Brasher says that the NCGA is having trouble getting other farmers interested, but the plan is very close to one proposed by the American Farmland Trust and endorsed by a large coalition of farmers. Des Moines Register

Fish prisons: Check out the photos of large-scale ocean fish farms that accompany this roundup of the status of fish farming in Maine. Portland Press Herald

Don’t play on that grass: Homeowners are seeking safer alternatives to pesticides for their lawn care. New York Times

Having it his way: Whole Foods CEO and well-known vegan John Mackey was spotted enjoying a Whopper in an unmarked SUV parked outside an Austin-area Burger King. Austin Guzzler

See food: Tracing where your food comes from is getting easier, with new barcodes and other efforts to increase transparency. The article ends — rather uncritically — with Chiquita Brands International, which chooses to focus on a different connection: “that between the consumer and the company brand.” Perhaps because there might be Colombian terrorists mugging for the camera in photos of where Chiquita’s bananas are grown? The Olympian

Still tastes like chicken: A national coalition of meat packers has announced a new meat product made completely of corn. Citing increased pressure from regulations imposed by “animal rights activists,” Smithfield et al. agreed that skipping the animal part would save a lot of hassle. Press release

Dirty girls: Listen to this online radio segment about women farmers’ particular challenges to sustaining small farms in an age of industrial agriculture. A World of Possibilities (Thanks, Rajae!)

Plenty of fish in the sea: The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service today issued a report that there was absolutely no shortage of Chilean seabass, also known as Patagonian toothfish, and that other supposedly overfished species had been “tragically exaggerated by environmentalists” as being endangered. “If we run low, we’ll just start farming’em,” said Fishy News Service (by way of Slashdot)

Owners of pets who were sickened or killed by tainted pet food are likely to get little from lawsuits (NewsDay)

Subway to contract with artisanal salumi makers (FastFoodNews)

Human hormones and hormone-mimicking chemicals are feminizing fish in streams and lakes (Seattle Times)

Woman found curled up in fetal position on floor of supermarket, unable to decide between organic or fair-trade molasses (Berkeley Daily Planner)

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