Digest: Cloning comments extended, EPA spanked, E. coli in action

OK, we’ll take more feedback: Under pressure from organizations that want more time to consider the issue of cloned food, the FDA is expected to extend the period for public comment by 30 days. BusinessWeek

Miracles do happen: The Supreme Court narrowly ruled today that the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide from automobile emissions as a pollutant, and that it has shirked its duty in not doing so. New York Times

In the lab with the E. coli hunters: UC Davis researchers are studying what would happen if spinach seeds were to become contaminated with E. coli O157:H7, whether it may be able to thrive at cold temperatures, and whether compost protocols are strict enough. UC Davis magazine (Thanks, Aunt Biddy!)

Care nightmare: Scare the shit out of yourself by reading this horrifying, blow-by-blow account of a child’s encounter with E. coli and Kaiser’s incompetence by administering antibiotics. The Complete Patient

Bee update: There are worrisome signs that the honeybee plague may have spread to Canada. (Globe and Mail) Meanwhile, the Palm Beach Posts reports that Congress is criticizing the USDA over its handling of the “colony collapse disorder epidemic,” and that scientists are looking at imported Australian bees and a new generation of pesticides known as neo-nicotinoids as possible causes.

Ewe-logy: A moving snapshot of the old-school Chiappetti Lamb and Veal stockyards on the South Side of Chicago, taken just before Easter when they have 7,000 lambs to slaughter. New York Times (Select members only)

Molokai cocktail: Monsanto is leasing ever more acres on Molokai island to grow genetically modified corn. Critics say the modified crops have not been adequately tested for long-term effects and could cross-pollinate with organic crops. (Honolulu Star Bulletin) In related news, Hawaiian taro farmers protested the death of a bill that would restrict genetically modified plantings of their symbolic staple.

Scales for weighing fish ethics: Complexity of ethical seafood eating got your head spinning? Here are three easy pieces of advice. Worldwatch

But for how long?: The USDA is not yet allowing acreage to be released early from the Conservation Reserve Program in order to boost corn production. Nebraska Farmer

What does Mr. Puddles-Wuddles want for dinner?: Cookbooks for dogs and cats are enjoying an uptick in sales. New York Times

Hooked, line and stinker: Last week’s Digest item about FreshMeats, the NYC group that will bring your meat to dinner while it’s still alive, was an early April Fool’s joke by Thrillist. Gawker

“The entire food industry depends on the fact that evolution doesn’t happen”: In what does not appear to be an April fool’s joke, evangelist Chuck Missler disproves evolution with jar of peanut butter. Oh my god — he thinks it’s the same thing as spontaneous generation! Somebody send this guy back to 8th grade science. Alternet (Thanks Big Bear!)

Drive-through shooting: The Onion gets reactions to Burger King’s announcement about cage-free eggs and pork. The Onion (via Obsession with Food)

The past, present, and future of Vermont’s maple syrup industry (Slate)

A potential trade deal has South Korea lifting embargoes on U.S. beef, and the U.S. ignoring Seoul’s rice subsidies (NYT)

Don’t mess with the Endangered Species Act, opines Gray Lady (NYT)

Armenians react to the FDA’s recalling their treasured national brand of bottled water over arsenic levels (LA Times)

Adventures in eating with the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern” (NYT)

Radio segment on Brazil and biofuels (Radio4all)

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