‘Bacon, the film” ~ this Sunday in Montreal



Montrealers should be aware that a documentary about large-scale hog producers that was produced in 2002 will be screened this coming Sunday afternoon:

Bacon, the film

Sunday, April 22, 2007 at 4pm
Redpath Museum Auditorium
859 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

French with English subtitles
Admission is free with a donation to the museum

I will be definitely be there, but Noshette may sit this one out as it will probably gross her out and possibly steer her away from her growing state of omnivorousness. I know it will gross me out, but I think I need to see this film. I watched a clip from the film and will definitely contain some gruesome footage. Those who may be sqeamish about seeing what goes on inside pig factories should be warned, but at the same time I think everyone should know what is happening to our food.

Here is part of the official press release: 

Several years ago, large-scale hog producers and their political allies in Quebec decided to branch out into international markets. But bacon, like everything else, has its price. Bacon, the Film asks whether we have properly measured the social and environmental impacts of this proliferation of huge hog operations. The soil is already showing signs of sterility. Rivers are contaminated. Water, the very symbol of life, has itself become a hazard in some communities. The situation could be spinning out of control. Abandoned by the state, citizens groups are making their voices heard and taking back democracy. An unexpected grain of sand in a machine well oiled by neo-liberal dogma, they are fighting to keep society on a human scale.

 See you there!

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