Corn syrup takes to the streets

Honorary streets are popular in many cities–New York has Joey Ramone Place (E. 2nd Street at The Bowery) and Peter Jennings Way (66th Street between Columbus Avenue and Central Park), San Francisco has Lawrence Ferlinghetti Way (near City Lights Books), and Chicago has Bob Fosse Way (Montrose and Paulina), to name a few.

Now it appears that Oakland, California is honoring corn syrup with a street sign. The one below is on Telegraph near the Berkeley border; another one is on Telegraph a few blocks to the south.
Corn Syrup

OK, I”m sure it isn”t an official act by the city of Oakland, so it must be the work of artists, viral marketers or pranksters. Or could it be hip-hop musicians? My Google news alert for “USDA” frequently brings me news about a hip-hop group called “USDA.” Perhaps they have a casino spin-off group called “Corn Syrup.”

The lettering is similar to Coca-Cola”s logo, so are the creators commenting on Coke”s corn syrup content? If so, they would be interested in a blind taste test held by the SF Chronicle of sugar-sweetened Coke from Mexico and HFCS-sweetened Coke from the U.S. All of the tasters found the taste of the two versions to be very different, but some preferred the sugar version, some preferred the HFCS version.

Chicago has also had unauthorized honorary street signs that make some serious points about urban life, with signs like “Yes, this is the corner where they filmed High Fidelity Way” (Honore and Milwaukee) and “You paid how much for that? Way” (Oak and something).

2 Responsesto “Corn syrup takes to the streets”

  1. I was wondering when someone would post something about this, especially with a theory of it’s origins. I live a few blocks from the one at 62nd and Telegraph and since my wife pointed it out a few weeks back, never fail to laugh my ass off when I pass it.

    And Mexican coke is way better. Whoa! Better clarify that one: Coca Cola made in Mexico is what I prefer to DRINK people! Maybe it’s because I was around before Coke pulled that whole “new” thing back in the 80′s.

  2. Coastal Fog says:

    How funny – I was just thinking about this sign and how odd it was when it appeared and just as odd when it disappeared a couple weeks or so ago. My husband and I also laughed every time we passed it. A second “corn syrup” sign appeared somewhere else on Telegraph, I think at the off-ramp for 24S, then that disappeared too. What the heck was that all about?

    Thanks for documenting this. We need more of this sort of urban weirdness.