Digest – News & commentary: Kenya & GMOs, Canada’s mad-cow rules, Subway leads


starRun, Kenya, run!: Transgenic food crops are being forced down Kenya’s throat thanks to well-funded U.S. agribusinesses heavily lobbying key public bodies, national research organizations, and politicians. (The East African)

Mad as hell: Costly new mad-cow rules regulating bovine offal disposal are an onerous "fiasco," complain small Canadian slaughterhouses. Interesting sidebar on how special, and pricey, disposal services have sprung up for the high-risk tissues that can no longer be used in animal feed and fertilizer. (Canada.com)

It’s not the dirt’s fault: Prions, the protein agents of mad-cow disease and other fatal brain disorders, will bind tightly to a common soil mineral, which significantly increases the oral transmissibility of the agent. (MeatPoultry.com)

Menu á menu: Subway becomes the first chain restaurant to comply with New York City’s menu labeling law by listing calories on their menu boards. Other large chains are fighting the regulation in court. (Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Last of the crustaceans: Even if import restrictions result in higher prices for domestic shrimp, success remains a long shot for America’s remaining shrimp fishermen. (The Boston Globe)

World animal-feed additives market to reach $15.4 billion by 2010 (Poultry Site)


Farm Bill showtime: Keith Good collects the latest in Farm Bill updates and commentary, including a WashPo op-ed about whether speaker Pelosi "will give Peterson the Sister Souljah treatment he deserves or will bury Kind’s latest reform proposal to please the porkers on the ag committee." (FarmPolicy.com)

star"Two Americas of food": Anna Lappé writes about the Farm Bill as a chance "to bring the fairness we expect from our economy into the food chain." (Guerilla News Network)

Guys, that is not the solution: Critics of existing dairy air standards in California’s Fresno County say that dairies should be required to keep cows in enclosed barns. (KESQ.com)

Diversify, diversify: Friend of Ethicurean (we really need a better acronym) Tom Philpott talks about concentration in the food industry and the need for new infrastructure to support local-food networks. (KCRW’s Good Food)

Americans get COOL: Six people write in support of country-of-origin labeling following Times editorial. (New York Times)

Tufts Professor Hugh Joseph opines on the importance of a Food and Farm Bill (Boston Globe)

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