Digest – Blogsnacks: Stirring the s***, farm’s bill of food, more


"It doesn’t have to be this way": Danielle Nierenberg looks at the recent trend toward manure methane management and complains how "all of these solutions tend to focus on the current factory farming paradigm," when better, less techno solutions are available. (Feeding Livestock Grass: A Climate Solution)

starWhat Walter Eats (right): Inspired by the Time Magazine article "What the World Eats" (based on the Peter Menzel book "Hungry Planet") Walter Jeffries, our favorite blogging farmer, decides to chronicle what his family of five eats in a week. The Jeffries spent $65, putting them closest to the family from Mongolia. (Sugar Mountain Farm)

STOP telling us what not to drink: David Gumpert looks into the well-intentioned folks at Safe Tables Our Priority, which seeks to stamp out unpasteurized everything and comes away feeling "that STOP is a bunch of zealots." Money quote: "I never thought about the uninformed as a special interest group who require me to give up basic freedoms, like the freedom to buy and consume certain foods." (The Complete Patient)

Best new blog discovery: The Jew and the Carrot, the latest & greatest addition to our food-politics blogroll, links to a WashPo video interview of the main source for the paper’s recent article on Jews seeking kosher and Ethicurean-style meat. (Jew and the Carrot)

starEating people: Jay meditates insightfully on the nature of restaurants as the antithesis of the industrial food chain. "Enjoy a dish now; enjoy it later. It won’t be the same, it can’t be" — because restaurants are just people. (Casing the Joint)

Local hero: Expat Chef has a short interview with Tim Schlitzer, executive director of the Food Routes Network, which oversees the Buy Fresh Buy Local campaigns. (Eat Local Challenge)

Go, Tana, go!: Our e-pal Tana has posted a doozy of a rant. The title says it all: "Moove Your Ass Out of Here, Evil Marketing Idiots." (I Heart Farms)

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