We’re out of food

What’s with the empty fridge? Well, in a few hours the Potato Non Grata and I are going on a much-anticipated vacation, first to Holland (to visit family) and then to Tunisia (to visit one of my best friends). I hope to post a few things from the road, but sporadically, as what I really need is a vacation from the Internet … in particular the news Digest. Marc aka Mental Masala will be holding down the fort while I am gone, so those of you used to sending me your news links directly, please send them to t...@ethicurean.com and they’ll find their way to Marc. I’ll be back Aug. 1 and the Digest will resume its regular schedule shortly after that.

For keeping up with food-system news and commentary in case the other Ethicureans are too busy enjoying the summer to post much, I recommend bookmarking:

  • Chews Wise, "Organic Inc" author Sam Fromartz’s blog
  • Tom Philpott’s writings for Grist
  • Kerry Trueman’s hilarious rants and reports at Eating Liberally (oops, link fixed!)
  • Sustainable Table’s blog, which frequently has news round-ups

Lots of stuff will be happening with the Farm Bill in the next few weeks: the best way to catch the play by play is at Keith Good’s excellent daily report, FarmPolicy.com. Dan Owens at the Center for Rural Affairs has also been posting terrific analyses.

Enjoy the rest of July…and keep the pressure up on your Congressional representatives about the Farm Bill!

2 Responsesto “We’re out of food”

  1. leslie says:

    Thanks for the endorsement, DQ, and have a great vacation! We do a news roundup about once a week, although I have to admit it is nowhere near as comprehensive as the Digest–in addition to the blog, we’ve got an organization to run and a road trip (www.sustainabletable.org/roadtrip) to plan! Ethicurean lovers, come on by and we’ll try to keep you informed until Bonnie gets back!

  2. Sean says:

    OMG, more like what’s with the HUGE fridge? Holy cats!