Digest – Blogsnacks: Buying the farm, Nestle on pet food

starCotton’ pickin’ dreamer: Dan Owens has found a Louisiana cotton and rice farm for sale online, and is having a dandy time calculating the checks he could collect from the government just for sitting on the porch and drinking iced tea — if only he had $50 million. (The Blog for Rural America)

Give her a Turing test: Sheeesh — we take a week off and Duracell-powered nutritionist Marion Nestle writes 18 posts. They’re all worthy, but in this one about the latest pet food recalls, she lands some satisfying anti-Wal-Mart slaps and reveals what her latest book is about — "What Toto Should Eat"?

It takes a village to cook dinner: Janet over at Food Person, who has a guest post waiting patiently in our queue (sorry, Janet!), traces all the people whose food went into her meatballs. And don’t miss her account of Lawrence, Kansas’s first-ever tomato tasting, aka "The Good, the Big, and the Ugly."

Laying the local groundwork: Charlotte in Montana talks to her local egg provider, Willow Bend Eggs, which cost "9 food miles" and come in a carton with only magic marker for a label. (LivingSmall)

We’d cross the pond for this: The makers of the BBC mini-series "Kill it, Cook it, Eat it" are looking for audience members for the next installment, which will involve suckling pigs, milk-fed lambs, kid goats, and veal calves. (Guardian Unlimited)

The September 2007 Eat Local Challenge: Many ways to participate

2 Responsesto “Digest – Blogsnacks: Buying the farm, Nestle on pet food”

  1. Janet says:

    No worries. Thanks for the nice mention.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I forgot to mention in my egg post that we can also recycle our egg cartons (the local health dept. shut carton recycling down for a couple of years, but they recently relented). So when I go buy Isabelle’s great eggs, I can leave the old carton with the store, and she’ll re-use it.