Blogsnacks: Pigs in the ‘hood, framing fatness, you can can

Move over Dellums, Novella for mayor: A shout-out to Tea at the Grinder for alerting us to City Farmer, Novella Carpenter’s blog. Some of us know Novella as the nice woman who herded the chickens for all of Michael Pollan’s events at UC Berkeley while she was a journalism student there; others will no doubt remember her turkey-killing and beekeeping essays for Salon, avidly Digested here. Apparently she has a book coming out about her adventures in urban farming in Oakland, where she keeps not only bees but chickens AND pigs (hello, permission to visit, please?).

starFatheads: A panel of experts debates the "right" way to think about the American obesity “epidemic." (Freakanomics)

If you build the infrastructure, they will stay: Roth’s, an 11-store grocery chain in Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley, has started a "Go Local" campaign to promote the Northwest foodshed. (Gristmill)

Doing the can-can: Ali attempts to can tomatoes, with visions of botulism dancing in her head. Hilarious. (The Cleaner Plate Club )

Going Wilde: Parke Wilde has offered up his first video post, about the pleasures of home-made food and drink. While it’s a little rough around the edges, it’s a gas to put a face to the opinions … and is giving us some ideas for our to-do list. (U.S. Food Policy)

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  1. Expat Chef says:

    The canning posts are pretty timely! Those of us over at Eat Local Challenge are starting the September 2007 ELC. This year’s event has an emphasis on canning, freezing and preserving the harvest. There are a lot of ways to join the month-long challenge, all foodie blogger types are encouraged to participate and post on your experiences. You can find the details at the Eat Local Challenge site. I started the challenge a bit early and posted on freezing corn and green beans for winter soups and the Thanksgiving table. You can check that out at ELC, or more local recipes at The Expatriate’s Kitchen. Happy Fall!