“Fresh beets”!

Heaven knows that "the lower-middle portion of the food pyramid" could use some grassroots advertising … but I don’t think this video, made by two guys working in the produce section of an A&P, is it. You can’t beet the silly wordplay, however, and I think it’s a shame that the supermarket chain thinks it’s worth suing the boys for defamation in order to squash it. Lettuce give you an example:

Unlike our fruit, my body’s always in season.
Supplying organic rabe,
or just plain broccoli,
Some may say I don’t give a shiitake

Thanks, Jack!

6 Responsesto ““Fresh beets”!”

  1. Thanks for the video!

    “My body’s always in season!”

    I think this would be a good link to send out to farm email mailing lists to add a little humor. Though the cursing may not make it extremely family friendly!

  2. the Gobbler says:

    Again big business comes down hard on any form of dissent, whether it be playful parody or forensic scrutiny of the facts at hand. It is up to all ofus to keep the bastards honest!

  3. Niki says:

    FANTASTIC. Wow, that just made my week. A&P needs to find out where senses of humor are grown – and order a bushel or two for their management.

  4. maggie says:

    That made my day. And A&P is being ridiculous.

  5. cookiejill says:

    I bet this video is better than any ads that A&P currently have running.

    I think people should boycott A&P for suing these boys.

  6. deb says:

    it is too funny and more or less true.
    corporate america does not have a single funny bone in its body. i doubt the grocer will get too far with the lawsuit, esp. since they did not use their stores name anywhere in the video. wash your produce, twice.