Digest – Features & Blogsnacks: Cornucopia, “box turners,” and bye-bye to pigs in the ‘hood


Horn o’ plenty (of complaints): The family-farm advocacy group Cornucopia Institute, which has filed seven complaints with the USDA since 2005 —against Wal-Mart and some of the nation’s largest organic milk producers — is on a genuine crusade to keep organic standards pure. (TIME)

LOHAS, meet "box turners": Quaker is spending $25 million to market its new "all natural" rolled-oats cereal to consumers who scrutinize labels as they shop, those nutty folks who “want simple ingredients, nothing artificial, and they feel good about less.” (New York Times)

“Gardens are never a solution — they’re an education”: A profile of the Garden of Wonders in Portland, Oregon, part of the Abernethy Elementary School Scratch Kitchen pilot project, where kids plant, tend, harvest, and eat fruit and vegetables year-round, has a good overview of the changing state of the American school lunch. (Culinate)

Now ear this: KCRW’s September 1 program (which Marc just listened to) has a few Ethicurean-relevant segments, which you can listen to individually on the Good Food page — a discussion of vegetarianism and climate change, an update on plastics’ effect on human health, and the inspiring story of the Culinary Corps, a non-profit that organizes trips for culinary professionals to New Orleans. (KCRW Good Food)

Picked clean: A review of “High Cotton,” which follows a year in the the struggles of a small cotton farm in “the most Southern place on earth.” Sounds interesting, but it’s panned. (New York Times)

Local in the desert: Arizona’s high-end restaurants are forswearing large commercial purveyors and turning to boutique domestic farms, ranches, and dairies. (Arizona Central)

Urban farmers and locavores in Salt Lake, Utah (Salt Lake Weekly)


starDeath becomes them: Urban farmer Novella Carpenter has had her backyard pigs slaughtered — by a woman sporting banana clips and fake nails — and feels sick about it. (City Farmer)

starCity slickers cashing checks: Collecting farm subsidies in big cities like Atlanta, Manhanttan, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. (Mulch Blog)

Here, sign this waiver before drinking: David Gumpert writes about “Massachusetts Raw Milk Dairy Day," a first-of-its-kind open house at seven raw-milk dairies. (The Complete Patient)


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