Chicken out in San Francisco!

Tomorrow is Park(ing) Day, and for my last day at Wired, Phil "Lord of the Chickens" Ferrato and I will be taking over a metered space in San Francisco's South of Market district and turning it into a grassy urban-poultry habitat, complete with two Gold-Laced Wyandotte hens, Isabel and Claudette, who'll be hanging out in a state-of-the-art Eglu. Come visit us! (map)

In addition to being Wired's SOLE-food-centered chef (see post and slide-show below), Phil writes about real estate and architecture for the blog Curbed SF. He hatched this plan just last week and asked me if I knew anyone with poultry. Does a chicken poop in the weeds? Of course I do, although none of the ones I knew personally worked out, so I'll be meeting these hens' accommodating owner, Bailey Smith, for the first time tomorrow. This is a last hurrah in the city for Isabel and Claudette—turns out Bailey's landlord is not so crazy about his 10-bird flock, so they're all leaving their Mission backyard for a Marin farm this weekend.

I'll be selling pastured eggs from Soul Food Farm, the same amazing ones used by Chez Panisse, Ici, and Eccolo — and recently featured in the Chronicle's food section. Previously they've only been available to consumers through the Bay Area Meat CSA (BAMCSA) I help run, but soon they'll be for sale at Prather Ranch's store at the Ferry Plaza. Tomorrow you can pick up a dozen for just $5, one per customer while supplies last. We'll also have Buy Fresh Buy Local guides, information on BAMCSA and Slow Food, and resources about pastured vs. factory chickens, and how you can raise chickens in your own urban backyard. Our timing is pretty damn perfect — all the cool kids are into chickens: just check out this week's New York Times food section! (The East Bay Express did a similar, more practical story in June.)

Feeling peckish yet?

What: Park(ing) Day is a worldwide one-day event on September 21, centered in San Francisco, that's about transforming bare asphalt reserved for cars into parks and social spaces. Pioneered by San Francisco arts collective Rebar in 2005, PARK(ing) Day 2007 is organized by Rebar and Public Architecture in association with the Trust for Public Land.
Where: There will be Park(ing) sites all over San Francisco (see this cool interactive map), but ours will be in front of 520 Third Street (between Bryant and Brannan).
When: 10 am -3 pm

4 Responsesto “Chicken out in San Francisco!”

  1. Jack says:

    I think people in London and New York want to have More Parking Day, rather than Less Parking Day. SF'ers are spoiled because it's pretty easy to get a parking spot in SF. I wonder what NYC would be like if it had large city-run parking garages.

  2. Bonnie P. says:

    SPOILED? You think it's easy to park in San Francisco? Maybe if you don't mind spending $25 a pop, it is. San Francisco of all places ought to be more public transit-friendly, with no-go zones for cars.

  3. Jack says:

    SF'ers are spoiled (friggin lucky), compared to NYC and, esp., London. Visit and see. (And, should we factor in the chance of car stereo break-in/theft NYC vs. SF? ...Oh, okay.)

  4. Jim Dixon says:

    We miss Phil in Portland.