Confession of an organic mega-dairy

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. This is my first confession. I have knowingly sold milk from cows suffering from Absencia Grassosis.”

“My son, God knows what is in your heart.”

“Yes, Father. For two years it has been heavy on our hearts to provide the cows with additional pasture land and to reduce our herd size.”

“My son, God knows what is in your heart.”

“We don’t want to die the public death of our Vander Eyk Organic Dairy cousins.”

“My son, God knows what is in your heart. For your penance, I ask that you reduce your herd size and expand your cows’ access to pasture.”

“Father, the USDA has asked us to do those things.”

“My son, since those changes have been heavy on your heart for two years, why did you wait until the USDA asked you to do those things?”

“Wait a second — who’s that behind the screen? Mark? Will? Ronnie? Sam? Can’t a guy come to confession for absolution anymore? Forget about prior public statements to the contrary. Forget about the USDA finding that we willfully violated USDA standards. We have planned to make changes for over two years!”

“My son, just be glad you sold none of the milk as organic.”

"Father, I’m just happy we sold so much of it we can afford to sue."


The Jesuit-raised Amanda Rose, Ph.D., author of Rebuild from Depression, writes about the link between food nutrients and depression and, when the news inspires, about milk. (Read her obituary for the Vander Eyk Dairy.)

Photo of the Aurora Organic Dairy’s Colorado site by the Cornucopia Institute.


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