Digest – Rural: Small towns get smaller, the sultan of subsidies, Collin it like he sees it

Contributed by our friends at the Center for Rural Affairs.

Ghost towns: Rural communities can lose people from net outmigration or from a death rate that outpaces the birth rate. Some counties are losing population because of both. (Daily Yonder)

One stoplight, one doctor: Not every physician can remove an appendix, take out tonsils and perform an C-section, but in this rural community in Idaho, one doctor really does do it all. (National Public Radio)

starThe King of Corn: Maurice Wilder receives more federal farm subsidies than any single other person. Wilder has farm operations in six different states, and plans to harvest 40,000 acres of corn alone this fall. But don’t hold it against him — "I assure you, we’re not getting as much as the small farmer," he says. (Peoria Journal Star)

So much for reform: House Agriculture Committee Chair Collin Peterson says without qualification, "I’m not for payment limits. I think that would be a big mistake." (Glencoe News)

Meat fight: It’s not likely to become law, but some senators are poised to fight the good fight in favor of family livestock producers and against multinational and vertically integrated packers. (Clarion Ledger)

Elm-anol?: If we don’t have enough corn to feed the growing demand for ethanol, maybe we can meet it with trees. Does ethanol from woody biomass have a future? (Headwaters News)


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