Digest – Blogs: “King Corn” dispatches, Bruce helps out People’s Grocery, estate tax loopholing

star"King Corn" star blogging: Curt Ellis, one of the co-producers of the new documentary “King Corn” (see our review) is blogging about the movie and its string of openings across the country. (Culinate.com)

The Boss in my hometown: Bruce Springsteen has picked Oakland's food justice program The People's Grocery as the featured community beneficiary for his October 26 concert, and has given the nonprofit tickets to auction off. (Brahm’s Blog)

Do not, we repeat, call it a death tax: Estate tax opponents in the House and Senate have proposed an unlimited estate-tax-exemption for farmers. Parke Wilde argues that far from protecting real farmers, the proposal offers a loophole for any billionaire to leave great wealth to their heirs, without paying estate taxes, by buying up farmland. (U.S. Food Policy)

Stealing from your neighbors: Edible Portland covers Urbanedibles.org, a “community database of wild food sources in Portland." We've written before about our urban-foraging habits, which apparently violate the foragers' ethics code.

starWhat, they don't read blogs?: Advice on how to write letters to the editor. One of the hints is especially relevant for letters about the Food and Farm Bill, FDA, or other federal activities: mention your representative by name so that their clipping service brings your letter to their desk (or to the desk of a top aide). (Firedoglake)

Integrating greenhouses into apartment towers (Core77)


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