Digest – Commentary & Blogs: Immigration bill, Alice Waters on “The View,” annals of pork


Pick this legislation, Senator: Why Congress should pass a bill known as AgJobs, a bipartisan measure with broad support in the farm industry and among farmworker organizations. (New York Times)

starStamp of disapproval: An editorial on food safety begins by recounting the failure of a simple consumer-protection program approved by the White House and Congress five years ago — stamping "United States Refused Entry" on rejected imports. Question for our non-U.S. readers  — how often does your nation have major food recalls? how about E. coli outbreaks? (Herald Tribune)


Drink milk. As much as possible. Even if you’re lactose intolerant!: Nutritionist Marion Nestle posts the latest "fact sheet" on "dairy myths" from the American Dietetic Association, and the comments section rightfully goes to town. (What to Eat)

Careful — do Fortune writers get tenure?: Journalist Marc Gunther, who wrote a great article about the transgenic (genetically modified) rice ‘attack’ a few months ago, looks at the results of USDA’s investigation. He’s not surprised by the "no fault" finding because the companies were following USDA’s rules. He wonders if rules on transgenic plantings are written "to protect farmers, or advance the interests of the biotech industry." (Marc Gunther)

starGone to Hog Heaven: A photo essay and discussion of the soon-to-be-extinct hog-killing tradition in southern Appalachia. A refreshingly un-ironic (and graphic) detour into the land of where ham comes from for this mainstream food site. (Serious Eats)

starSpilling oink: San Diego’s sustainable superchef Jay Porter attempts to come up with a taxonomy for pork, ranging from "Commodity" to "Pastured" and beyond to South Carolina’s Caw Caw Creek. We have issues with what gets the adjective "Natural." (Casing the Joint)

"Why salt a chicken early when you can put a beer can in its vagina?": Alice Waters was a guest this week on "The View," where even a sympathetic Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t protect her from Joy Behar, who asked her about … uh … alternate ways of cooking poultry. We checked the ABC website for video and found only recipes and this somewhat telling item in the weekly recap — "See below for some of the all-natural yet totally scrumptious recipes she gave us today" (love that "yet") — but YouTube has the money snippet, and Adam Roberts has a must-read blow-by-blow of the appearance. (The Amateur Gourmet)

"She’s At Least a Triple-D": Our SoCal e-buddy Amanda thought she brought home three Leghorn chickens from the feed store to raise. But one of them is not like the others — Henny (right) reminds her "first, of Pamela Anderson and, second, of me pregnant." (Rebuild from Depression Blog)

President of the "I Like Michael" Club: Ali reports on her f2f with Michael Pollan. (Cleaner Plate Club)

Really dark meat: Publicity for the Chicken Out campaign, which is trying to raise awareness of the short and horrible lives of factory-farmed chickens and encourage more free ranging. (Organic Researcher)

Pardon us while we include a political post: David Roberts explains why it would be a disaster for Nobel Prize-winner Al Gore to enter the presidential race at this point — "not because he might lose, but because he has transcended U.S. partisan politics." We agree. (Gristmill)

The Food and Farm Bill is causing wild swings between idealism and cynicism (Foodperson.com)

2 Responsesto “Digest – Commentary & Blogs: Immigration bill, Alice Waters on “The View,” annals of pork”

  1. Jay Porter says:

    Hi Bonnie et al, thanks for kind words and the link to our pig-farming taxonomy. Your point about the use of “natural” is well-taken; I respond to that and muse about better-than-the-worst factory farms in the comments of the post. Keep up the great work!

  2. Amanda Rose says:

    Hey there Bonnie. Thanks for the link. I’m not sure I’m really “SoCal.” Most of the time I wonder if we even live in the Milky Way Galaxy up here (in the Sierras).