Digest – Blogs: Foie gras formula, we all (heart) Fergus Henderson

Applying the Learned Hand formula to foie gras: According to a wonderfully nerdy post at Law For Food, PETA should really be concentrating on improving feedlot conditions, instead of the low-hanging livers.

Paté, Montana style: Charlotte may be calling this post "Terrine Jacquy à la Americaine," but by substituting moose liver for pork liver, good bourbon for armangac, and pork shoulder for belly (now that’s a stretch), she ends up with something we’re not sure anyone’s ever made before. (LivingSmall)

Counting seeds: Ed is cooking for (and partly running, sounds like) DC’s Schoolyard Greening organization, aimed at promoting gardening in schools. Officials are on board, as long as the gardeners remember that "the focus of D.C. schools right now is on reading and math." (The Slow Cook)

We’re officially very, very jealous: Tom Philpott goes to New York for a nose-to-tail dinner celebrating "Whole Beast" chef Fergus Henderson at Manhattan’s Savoy restaurant, the east coast version of Chez Panisse. He enjoys a little vegan-baiting for dessert. Related: The Guardian has a love letter to Henderson’s London restaurant, St. Johns, and Time Out New York has Henderson nominating a perfect companion for a date with your sweetie.

Locavoraceous pest control: Eat a crayfish, save a crayfish. (Word of Mouth)

A visit to Blue Hill at Stone Barns to see pigs and eat pork (The Epi-log)


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