Digest – Commentary: Farm Bill compromise derided, vets and neighbors hate CAFOs, Kleckner op-ed

"A Deal With the Devil": The Center for Rural Affairs staff have been practically live-blogging the Senate Farm Bill fight all day long on their Blog for Rural America. They decided to call Reform’s time of death at about 4:30 p.m. with this blistering press release, which denounces the deal struck that will lower payment limits, but not impose income ceilings.

starVet as conscientious objector: A dairy veterinarian argues that the horrors of factory farming are to blame for the shortage of large-animal vets. If we need to inspire more veterinarians to enlist as food animal practitioners, we will have to change the way we raise farm animals. (Albany Times Union)

starOne more reason to avoid factory pork — human solidarity: An anonymous reader mailed Grist a searing, passionate letter about being a second-class citizen in Iowa, where a faceless corporations can install massive hog factories wherever they please. (Grist)

Skreek! Skreek! Skreek!: Dean Kleckner, under whose leadership the American Farm Bureau Federation became "the nation’s most influential anti-environmental organization," according to Sierra magazine’s 1994 food issue, had an op-ed urging Congress to abolish commodity subsidies. At least that’s what we think he’s saying — Dan Owens at the Rural Blog points out there’s no specifics, oddly, from a man who knows the system inside out. Kleckner’s coming at it from a free-trade standpoint, but we don’t want him on our team. Any team. (New York Times)

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