Farm animal toys recalled for lead levels

Wal-Mart is recalling "realistic-looking" toy animals made in China because of excessive lead levels. The company’s independent testing revealed excessive levels of lead in the base material, not the surface coating. The animal sets were labeled "Farm Animals," "Dinosaurs," and "Jungle Animals." Wal-Mart says it thinks the manufacturer has sold them through other outlets as well.

I’m pretty sure this is true, as I bought some identical animals from a dollar store recently as props for this blog.  I don’t chew on them, so I am not concerned, but those of you with kids might want to make sure they’re not being used as teething rings. You can return them and get your 88 cents back — if not your peace of mind.


3 Responsesto “Farm animal toys recalled for lead levels”

  1. Sarah C. says:

    Its official, I heart your blog.
    As a grad student I know how much time and effort it takes to round up all this information and how it takes even more time and brain power to put it together in such a clever way. I really appreciate having this information made available to me. Its important and people need to know about the pig stench and the beakless chickens and the genetically modified foods (not to mention the farm bill), but who would actually hunt all this stuff down? Thank you!

    All the food and item recalls recently, especially those from China, have made me recall a conversation I had with a guy in a plane. We were heading to Peru from LA (he for work, me for research), and his main goal was to help his company set up sterility standards for the paprika they imported from there. I looked at him and asked how he was going to manage in one week to change the way the Peruvians have been processing paprika for 3000 years? Generally they just lay the chilies out to dry on the same ground that I am excavating their dead uncles out of…dream on.

  2. Bonnie P. says:

    Thanks Sarah! Yep, a lot of effort does goes into it — not so sure about brain power. It’s nice to hear it’s appreciated. I like your paprika story — sterility is way overrated, for so many reasons.

  3. AZZE says:

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