The Age, and the age of Ethicureanism

Updated Oct. 24: The Age has added a link to this website to the lede.

Looks like "Ethicureanism" has joined Xerox, Kleenex, and other words whose meaning has become generic, sundered from their creators.

In my RSS feeds I noticed that The Age, the newspaper for Melbourne, Australia, has an article about ethical eating dated Oct. 23. Here’s the lede:

ETHICUREAN. It’s a new word to describe a new kind of eater – a diner whose ethical concerns take priority over epicurean whims. Ethicureans like their food as tasty as everyone else, but they insist it falls into at least some of four categories – sustainable, organic, local and ethical – SOLE food, for short.

The writer, The Age Epicure Editor Veronica Ridge, goes on to cover all the various thorny issues conscious eaters have to wrestle with. Although she doesn’t ever mention this blog or link to us, she does refer readers to the Wikipedia to search for "bottled water," which is definitely much more helpful.

4 Responsesto “The Age, and the age of Ethicureanism”

  1. Dr. Vino says:

    Outrageous! That is crazy.

    I’ve heard of journos doing the dubious practice of plundering blogs for story ideas without attribution to back to the blog discussion, but come on, that is verbatim!

    A letter to the editor! Oh wait–she is the editor!

  2. trippy says:

    she says “according to the website”…and then provides the link to the home page…seems fair enough really.

  3. It looks like the link may have been added in after original publication?

  4. Bonnie P. says:

    Trippy and Duncan: I emailed the reporter, and she agreed to provide a link. I’ve added a note to the post.