Digest – Blogs: Personal fish tale, NYT’s lame list, Portland pro-locavore clip

star Bring on the anchovies: Sustainable-food researcher Brian Halweil writes about the choices his pregnant wife has been making about fish, in the face of warnings about mercury versus recommendations for fetal health. (Worldwatch Institute) Related: Jacqueline at Leather District Gourmet has scaled October up to Sustainable Seafood Month, and she wants your recipes. 

Ketchup???: The NYT’s health blog regurgitates an even lamer-than-typical version of "five easy ways to go organic," this one from a pediatrician. Wethinks we need to develop an anti-star for such links — maybe a rotten tomato icon. (Well)

Who’s the crunchiest of them all?: Watch the clip for the Portland documentary-in-progress "Ingredients, which explores the local, seasonal food movement and why it continues to rise. (Edible Portland)

The best eat-local cookbooks (Eat Local Challenge)

One Responseto “Digest – Blogs: Personal fish tale, NYT’s lame list, Portland pro-locavore clip”

  1. Kei says:

    I thought I’d have an aneurysm when I saw that article in the Times. From my standpoint, it was totally preposterous. BUT. Let’s not forget that it’s not a given that people think organic is better. Let’s not forget that not everyone has replaced their copy of the Bible with “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”. Organic food is expensive. So offering skeptics a way to ease into the idea isn’t so awful.