American Meat Institute’s new video: “That does sound like good news for consumers!”

I’d be feeling a little sorry for the industrial meat industry right about now, if only it were just its ground beef and other products that were full of excrement. But no. It appears the fecal matter contamination extends to its communications with the public as well.

Today the American Meat Institute unveiled a 6-minute-long, "consumer-friendly video" on YouTube, just like all the cool-kid companies are doing. In it, Janet Riley of AMI, a "busy working mom," lobs softball rhetorical questions about meat-packaging technologies to Randy Huffman, AMI’s vice president of scientific affairs. The point of the video is to reassure consumers about the newish practice of "modified atmosphere packaging," referring to meat that’s been sealed in a package from which the oxygen has been mostly removed, leaving primarily nitrogen, carbon dioxide and a "tiny fraction of carbon monoxide." That gas combination magically keeps the meat bright red well past its spoiling point, which is really handy for retailers. It’s also a practice that Europe bans, consumer-protection groups have been opposing since 2006, and Safeway and others have stopped carrying after Congress asked about it.

But the meat industry is stubborn. It’s apparently hoping this catchy little video will go viral on YouTube and consumers will nod their bobbleheads in unison that modified-atmosphere packaging really does benefit them, not just the industry. After all, we learn in some video bulletpoints, it lets us see the product, the meat’s a color that we’re "used to buying," and the meat will last a remarkably long time. Just remember, says reassuring AMI spokescientist Dr. Huffman, "eyes really aren’t the best judge of freshness" and "when in doubt, throw it out!"

Enjoy. Here’s the direct YouTube link should you want to leave AMI a comment.

4 Responsesto “American Meat Institute’s new video: “That does sound like good news for consumers!””

  1. Pat Anderson says:

    My parents tought me that, when looking for a steak or roast, go for the one that is slightly brown — that’s a sign that the meat has been well-aged, and will be more tender.

    No wonder I can’t find any well-aged beef — other than the fact there probably isn’t a lot, any that *might* be well aged has been disguised with Carbon Monoxide!

    Our food industry scares me. They do these things for cosmetic reasons, and then tell us not to trust our eyes.



  2. ExPat Chef says:

    I think large industry as well as the current Washington administration have gotten away with far too much relying on the general public’s complacency. It’s time to wake up and smell the bullshit, literally in some cases.

  3. Robyn M. says:

    You know the most striking part of this video to me? The part where she asks what the package is that “looks like cookie dough”. Because cookie dough is found, in its natural state, in vacuum-sealed, hermetically-sealed tubes, ready to cut n cook. I wonder when was the last time this woman encountered actual non-processed food?