Digest – Blogsnacks: Raw milk, Alice Waters updates; wine’s carbon footprint, defining local

starCalling all Californian raw-milk drinkers: David Gumpert is chronicling all the latest twists and turns in the shady saga of AB1735, the handful of words that may have consigned raw milk to the compost pile in California. A raw-food advocate plans to file a court injunction and launch a class action suit. "It would be very effective if 10,000 California residents were plaintiffs,” he says, offering his email address for sign-up. Count us in. (The Complete Patient)

Working on the supply-chain gang: Whole Foods’ acquisition of Wild Oats may result in small suppliers getting squeezed out of the market entirely, worries Tom Philpott. (Grist)

We’re liking Edwards-Colbert for ’08: John Edwards’ campaign responded to a putative Colbert attack with some fightin’ words about butt-kicking and how "America deserves a President who isn’t in the pocket of the snack food special interests." (Huffington Post; thx Jack)

Kiss off, Your Highness: "King Corn" filmmaker Curt Ellis declares he’s not going to eat corn for the entire month of November. (Culinate)

Bring on that Michigan magnum: Dr. Vino runs the numbers on wine’s carbon footprint. This is no back-of-the-napkin guessing, but a working paper for the American Association of Wine Economists. Turns out we should heed an imaginary “green line” that runs down the middle of Ohio. (Dr Vino)

starDon’t let "local food" get co-opted: Gary Paul Nabhan, author of "Coming Home to Eat," tells how we can deepen what we promote by the terms local and regional. (Eat Local Challenge)

starWhere the antelope roamed: Charlotte goes antelope hunting with a friend, who tells her that "if I wanted to eat antelope, I should learn to kill one." So she does. (LivingSmall)

"Sorry, Carlo. You’re just not my cup of espresso": Jennifer aka Baklava Queen confesses she wants to like Carlo Petrini’s book "Slow Food Nation," but can’t. (Rolling in the Dough)

Get that man a Seafood Watch card, stat!: Friend o’Ethicurean Bruce Cole takes the Times’ Mark Bittman to task for using monkfish in a recipe. (Edible Nation)

starAlice in Blunderland: Barbara Fisher of Tigers & Strawberries looks at the bilious reaction to the Alice Waters interview at Salon and decides (we think accurately) that it "is actually a case of a bunch of folks filled with liberal guilt all trying to defend their food choices all at the same time.” Barbara also comments on Charlotte’s Ethicurean post about Waters’ involvement with the Ameya Preserve luxury development, and picks up the thread of a possible quid pro quo in exchange for a $500,000 donation to Slow Food Nation. Meanwhile, Tom Philpott blogs that he’d "love to see Alice Waters, a genuine hero of the movement to create a just and sustainable food system, renounce this project." EaterSF and CurbedSF have picked up the thread as well. For the record, her office has not responded to our request for comment on the post, just as it did not acknowledge Charlotte’s email of several months ago.


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