Digest – Blogs: The war on raw milk, providing a social oasis in a food desert

star“It’s like an undeclared war”: David Gumpert talks to Pete Kennedy, a Weston A. Price Foundation lawyer who's in the middle of many of the state and federal cases involving raw milk, about why the government is sooo concerned for the safety of a few "oddballs." (The Complete Patient)

starAnd now for some good news: Pattie reports on a very emotional public hearing about Georgia's intention to add gray dye to its unpasteurized milk. And guess what? The Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture has decided to drop the dye proposal. (FoodShed Planet)

Eating isn't a political act for everybody?: Musing on how and why Bay Area food activists have sunk their teeth into the Farm Bill — and how we could really use Oprah's help on this issue. (Daily Yonder)

starThe corner grocery: The driving force behind People's Grocery says the food-justice group (which we heart bigtime) plans to make its new West Oakland food market more like the local liquor stores than a suburban supermarket. (Brahm’s Blog)

The dark side of white sugar: Now that we're all busy avoiding high-fructose corn syrup, it's worth taking a closer look at our favorite sweetener. Thy Tran provides more than we ever knew we wanted to know about white sugar's troubled history — and its present. (Bay Area Bites)

A level growing field: Our multi-bloggin' contributor Marc has a post at Eat Local Challenge about how U.S. farm subsidies are viewed by the World Trade Organization, and how the WTO might be an unlikely ally in getting Americans to eat more locally.


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