Digest – Blogs: Exploring food deserts, Cargill timeline, music to our ears

starWatching the sausage being made so we don’t have to: The absolutely heroic Dan Owens is live-blogging the Senate’s Farm Bill cluster$*%@ debate  — with trademark blistering commentary. (Blog for Rural America)

"Nutritional apartheid": OrangeClouds115 at DailyKos posts a diary about experiencing two kinds of food deserts — rural and urban. (Vegetables of Mass Destruction)

"Getting reacquainted with the enemy": E. coli injury lawyer Bill Marler — who, despite being rather busy litigating these days, grinds out storms of smart blog posts — offers a bit of instructive history about Cargill and beef recalls. (Marler Blog)

Singing chick: Pattie in Georgia meets an urban chicken farmer, Allison Adams, who just also happens to be a folksinger who has posted a lovely song, "Day Old Bread," inspired by her feathered girls, on her MySpace page. Adams also sings about "the traditional art and science of canning food" — hello, Ethicurean Christmas present?

"That’s not what Wendell Berry would do": A guest Q&A with Curt and Ian of "king Corn" reveals what they learned and how they changed while making the film. On the use of anhydrous ammonia as fertilizer: "We were totally shocked.…When Ian applied it to our acre before we planted our corn, one of the farmers, Rich, picked up a handful of the dirt and showed us a dead earth worm – and said, "You see here how applying the ammonia kills everything in a four inch swath." It was pretty unbelievable to us that the first act of farming was to kill all the living things in the soil." (Eating Liberally)

Not baaaad: Redwood Hill Farm’s California Crottin has been named the best goat cheese in the country. If you haven’t already, check out the slide show of two Ethicureans’ trip to the farm last year. (Serious Eats)

Hurray for ExpatChef!: The Expatriate’s Kitchen, belonging to dedicated locavore and not-infrequent Ethicurean commenter ExpatChef, is a top ten finalist in the 2007 Web Blog Awards for Best Food Site, and our favorite in the bunch. Here’s where to vote.

Fast Food Nation’s Eric Schlosser on getting kids to eat healthy (Epicurious.com)


2 Responsesto “Digest – Blogs: Exploring food deserts, Cargill timeline, music to our ears”

  1. ExPat Chef says:

    THANK YOU!!! It’s kind of sad, given the rise of eating local that my little blog is the only eat local site in the bunch. Thanks for the link!

  2. Bill Marler says:

    Interesting fact – In 15 years, and 300,000,000 worth of food poisoning cases, I can count on one hand how many have come from problems in small, sustainable operations.