Digest – Commentary: Tesco to open in poor neighborhoods, Monbiot on biofuels, GMO warriors

Testing Tesco: A hard look at British supermarket giant Tesco’s promises it will open stores in U.S. "food deserts" like South Central L.A. (Los Angeles Times)

starStarve so we can drive: Journalist and activist George Monbiot decries how developing nations are being pushed to grow crops for ethanol, rather than food. (Guardian Unlimited)

In the belly of the transgenic beast: Jeffrey M. Smith — author of "Genetic Roulette: The documented health risks of genetically engineered foods" — has managed to get the skeptical editors of Genetic Engineering and Biotech News to print his Point of View piece about the mounting evidence linking GM foods to allergic responses. Readers, not surprisingly, are hatin.’ (GEN)

So Patrick, were you abducted by pod people?: Patrick Moore, a cofounder of Greenpeace, now makes his living dispelling "myths about the effects of pesticides and genetically modified (GM) foods" and throwing around some global-warming-denialism chestnuts, too. (Canada.com)


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