Digest – Blogs: Pollanism backlash, hog farming realities, Reason is reasonable for once

star"Prissyvore"?: Our friend Tea points to a funny post about the behavior of Michael Pollan acolytes in restaurants. Don’t miss the comments. (The Grinder)

It’s hard out here for a pig farmer: Michael Ruhlman points us to a must-read new blog for our RSS depository, Wooly Pigs. In this post the farmer describes the effects on meat of stressing the animal, and his eye-opening experience taking his pigs to a small slaughterhouse.

Hello, Reason? One of your writers has been abducted by aliens: David Weigel points approvingly to the same C-Ville story we did last week lauding renegade farmers, and even cites the same Elizabeth Van Deventer quote we did. Amazingly, many of his readers back the sentiment. Our favorite comment, however: "This is the kind of mistake that’s hard to bounce back from, Weigel. Reason is all corporatarian, all the time; I’ve been assured of this by many HnRers. Expect a visit from AEI goons, soon." (Reason)

But it’s probably not EVOO: Caltech, in Pasadena, California has over 100 olive trees on campus. Last week saw the first large-scale olive harvest. Being Caltech, some students made their own olive presses to make some oil for the festival (they were surprisingly low tech). The oil made on the harvest day was for the celebration; most of the olives will be professionally pressed and bottled with a Caltech label. (Coverage at Tableau Vivante and the LA Times)

starMedia matters, not just food: Media behemoths are attempting another power grab, with help from the chair of the FCCm who wants to allow big media to get even bigger by allowing corporations like Clear Channel, Fox, and Disney to own more outlets and more types of media. Without a strong, independent media, society doesn’t function properly, so contact the FCC and your members of Congress to stop this attack on free speech. (Firedoglake)

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