Digest – Blogs: Let’s scrap the Farm Bill, winter marketing, the golden age of apples

starstarJust plow it under: Annie Myers reports on an event at NYU, “The Farm Bill 2007," with Marion Nestle, Dan Barber, Christina Grace, and the absent yet omnipresent omnivores-dilemma-in-chief — and makes an awesomely radical suggestion. "Maybe we should consider "scrapping the Farm Bill altogether. It’s demonstrably ridiculous, in and of itself. To address 3 million square miles of land with 1 Farm Bill simply doesn’t make sense…A bill with provisions for avocados in California should not be legislating the cows in Maine. Nutrition and Hunger and Agriculture and Trade may be much like adults playing Twister – mischievously intermingled, entirely inseparable, and always (somewhere) hurting – but these forces of the economy need not share the same budget and bed." Amen to all that. (Thoughts On the Table; via Eating Liberally)

starGrassroots markets: Sara Zoe writes about how, disappointed that her farmers markets in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and southern Maine always shut down for the winter, she has managed to assemble 30 farmers and food producers for the area’s first-ever, special Holiday Farmers’ Market. What a genius idea! (Eat Local Challenge)

You had us at "Ribston Pippin": On this highly literate website/blog, John Levett in Cambridge, England, visits a festival devoted to heirloom apples, and rediscovers the fruit — "Each variety had a history; came from a place, had a birthday, knew its mother and father, appeared at some time in a nurseryman’s catalogue." He also discusses the movement to save England’s "allotments" (aka community gardens). (Human Flower Project; thanks Julie!)

Bust the meat monopoly: The United Food and Commercial Workers took out a full page ad urging senators to support the ban on meatpacker ownership of livestock in the Farm Bill. (Center for Rural Affairs) Related: Tom Philpott on why the packer ban is worth calling your senator about.

Take that, Norman Borlaug: Another study showing organic agriculture can outpace conventional. (Gristmill)

"Edible fucking bottles? Honestly": The The Comics Curmudgeon takes out his bottled-up rage on a Judge Parker strip. (Grazie, Derrick!)

Soup therapy: E-buddy Tea writes about Soup Swap, kind of like a cookie trade only with soup, which we are so rounding up five friends and doing. Genius. (The Grinder)

Thank the Lard!: In praise and defense of pork fat. (The Herbwife’s Kitchen)

Only "kind of" catchy?: A PR blog thinks the Ethicurean is doing a good job pinning down what "organic free-range all-natural really means." (Clever Witty Quick)

Bubbly CO2: On request, our blog buddy Dr. Vino has analyzed the carbon footprint of the Blanquette de Limoux (from organically grown grapes in France) that Ethicurean editor Bonnie has been quaffing a lot lately … and will probably continue to do so, only with more guilt. (Dr Vino)

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  1. Russell Libby says:

    We’ve been doing the Great Maine Apple Day with similar diversity and variety to the English example for about 5 years now. See http://www.mofga.org/Default.aspx?tabid=294 for a description of the event and a few photos. In Spring we hold a Seed and Scion Exchange where you can get scions of dozens of varieties and graft them yourself.