Digest – Blogs: Salatin opines, Windy City to ban chickens, organic processors doing their part

starEverything he wants to say should probably be illegal: The inimitable Joel Salatin riffs on the pitfalls of “sound science.” (Food Democracy)

Buy fresh, buy local ingredients: Lainie deconstructs new research from the USDA that indicates many organic food manufacturers are sourcing locally and from smaller farms, as well as working to ensure a greater and more consistent supply of organic ingredients. (Organic Confidential)

Maizea culpa: "King Corn" filmmaker and corn-abstainer Curt Ellis reports on the tough row hoed by people who are allergic to corn. (Culinate)

Next they’ll ban birdfeeders: Chicago’s Health Committee is trying to ban people from raising hens and roosters around residences, claiming that they encourage vermin like rats and release foul odors. Borrowing a phrase from the NRA, chickens don’t attract vermin, sloppy owners do. And Chicago, city of living roofs and a water-bottle tax, is going to lose some green cred if this goes through. (Daily Green)

No. 6 is our favorite: Simon Huntley offers nine practical solutions for the consumption of home canned food. (Small Farm Central)

Composter boy for backyard farming: Ed the Slow Cook turns a tale of coveting his neighbors’ dry leaves into an entertaining lesson on the values of DIY compost. And even though it’s past Thanksgiving, his graphic report on how his turkey got to the table is a reason to give thanks.

Relax, copyeditors: Shouldn’t it be "buy locally"? This language blog parses the adjectival-adverbial advantages. (Language Log; via Serious Eats)

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