Digest – Blogs: Local focal, 0157 by the numbers, courting food stamps

In local parentis: Continuing our circle of mutual linkage, we agree with Lainie that it’s important to distinguish between local food and products that are made by a local people using possibly nonlocal ingredients — and support both. While her solution, LoCo foods, for made by a local company, is snappy, we’re OK with just "locally grown" and "locally made." (Organic Confidential)

The bug stops here: E. coli avenging-angel and personal-injury lawyer Bill Marler has a damning list of the year’s recalls to date for food contaminated with 0157:H7. We like the solution posited by his first commenter, who suggests that if producers "cannot provide E coli free cattle to the slaughtering house, we should not permit the cattle industry to sell cattle." (Marler Blog)

Public assistance: People’s Grocery, the nonprofit that grows food around Oakland, is opening a grocery store to get fresh produce to one of the city’s many food deserts. The store will take the innovate approach of actively courting food-stamps shoppers — because "it’s good for the community and good for business." (Brahm’s Blog)

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