Digest – Blogs: Pork-barrel politicking, “drive-by” libertarianism, civil disobedience

A big CAFO-nie: Days after appointing the former president of the National Pork Producers Coalition to co-chair her "Rural Americans for Hillary" campaign, Clinton says she would support giving states and counties control over how CAFOs are regulated. That’s mighty nice of her, given that they’re the scourge of the earth. (Gristmill) Related: Our friend Bruce at Edible Nation has some fun with Photoshop and two Miss Piggies who we hate to think share some "family values.")

Not so fast, food Reasoner: In a nice pithy post titled "Drive-By Libertarian v. Straw-Man Foodie," Law For Food neatly dispatches Reason Magazine’s latest entry in the debate over mandatory nutrition labeling in fast-food restaurants.

Udderly awesome: Some legally savvy dairy farmers call the sheriff on a couple of agents from New York’s Department of Agriculture and Markets. (The Complete Patient)

Little boxes, little boxes, full of picky snackies: (OK, that represents a new nadir in Digest punning.) Profile of a young microfarming couple in Wisconsin, who bought a tract house and planted edible permaculture gardens that yielded 500 pounds of food their second year. (Garden Rant; thanks Ed!)

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