Digest – News: Congress gets SOLE (nice timing!), salmon problems, milk labeling scandal

starO how we (heart) thou, Carolyn Lochhead: Under the cheery headline "Pelosi Leads the House to Go Organic in its Cafeterias," the Chronicle's Farm Bill reporter leads with a punch in the gut — "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have left her progressive instincts at the barn door when she drove a starch-, sugar- and fat-bloated bill that all but left out organic farmers through the House last summer, but when it comes to food for Congress, it's out with high-fructose corn syrup and in with uncaged hens and hormone-free milk." Ssssssnap! (San Francisco Chronicle)

Lousy prospects for wild salmon: Pink salmon could be gone from Canada's Broughton Archipelago by 2011, a new Nature study warns, thanks to projected rates of infection from by parasitic sea lice from nearby fish farms. (National Geographic) Related: Mark Powell at Blogfish points out that hatcheries are bad news, too.

The milk mole: Like Pennsylvania, Ohio's Department of Agriculture formed an advisory committee to help decide whether it was OK to label milk as RBST-free, aka "absence labeling." The woman chosen to represent the consumer point of view may have a wee conflict of interest: she used to work for Monsanto and is married to a dairyman who uses the synthetic hormone. (Columbus Dispatch)

Two prawns don't make a right: The only Chinese seafood company exempt from FDA safety inspections under a pilot, "fast-track" project has had its frozen shrimp flagged by Canada for a cancer-causing antibiotic. (Wall Street Journal)

Voldemonsanto 246, organic farmers 0: Canada's Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by organic farmers against Monsanto. The farmers claim the introduction of genetically modified canola threatens their export markets. (CBC News)

Irish public warned not to fall for fake organic turkeys (Independent.ie)


4 Responsesto “Digest – News: Congress gets SOLE (nice timing!), salmon problems, milk labeling scandal”

  1. farmboy says:

    RE: Organic food in Congressional cafeteria:

    Same old story: who has the best health care plan in the country? Congress. What does the rest of the country get? We're on our own. So with organic food. The Democrats advanced a Food and Farm Bill that is an insult to the sustainable ag movement, yet they are paving the way to eat well thesmselves. Typical DC hpocracy.

  2. valereee says:

    Re: The Milk Mole. And her point of view? Her elderly mom "lives on a limited income and doesn't have extra money to spend on milk that isn't compositionally different from less-expensive types." So clearly the solution is not to tell mom what's in the milk. Ignorance being bliss, and all.

    Uh, do you think maybe she's already made up her mind about this one?

  3. Bonnie P. says:

    Valereee -- I know, she sounds really impartial, doesn't she? I love this idea that we're protecting consumers by not making them feel bad they can't afford better food. Isn't aspirational consumerism the fuel of free markets? Whatever -- this is pure protectionism by Monsanto.

  4. ExPat Chef says:

    It goes deeper. The Pennsylvania Secretary of Ag who pushed the no-label agenda was ALSO A DAIRY FARMER with a similar conflict of interest. The PA governor has intervened and is reviewing the issue.