Digest – Commentary: Philpott on cheap-food schadenfreude, rBST booster, make our own damn Farm Bill

Because those who can’t do, teach?: "If the end of cheap oil has so far been a bust for the environment, can the end of cheap food do any better?" asks Tom Philpott, who goes on to argue that pricier food probably won’t equal more conscious consumption, lower obesity rates, or better environmental stewardship. It’s a great essay, as usual, but when he ends with the hope that having failed with energy, the U.S. might "owe it to the world to take a leadership role on food," we gotta say, can we have some of what you’re smoking, Tom? (Grist)

star"Take the time to educate yourself when it affects your life, your future and your country"????: A rBST-shootin’ dairy farmer chastises us sneaky hippies for sowing confusion about good, clean safe industrial milk, which he tells us has a smaller environmental footprint than organic does [cough, choke!]. The comments section isn’t quite as outraged as we’d have hoped. (Seattle P-I)

Back to the grassroots: The Farm Bill destined to pass may be more than disappointing, writes "Diet for a Dead Planet" author Christopher Cook, but urban and rural consumers can keep up the pressure on cities and states to brew policy change from below. (Gristmill)

Don’t know much ’bout agro-ecology: A farmer and an environmentalist team up to argue that Washington state should support local growers and increase nutritious food options for kids through a "Local Farms — Healthy Kids" initiative to get more local produce into the schools. (Seattle P-I)

Mooving plea to Ohio governor: A passel o’ consumer groups, dairy farmers, farming organizations, public health groups, animal protection and environmental groups, food processors and retailers sent the governor of Ohio a letter urging him not to prohibit farmers from using labels like "From cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST" and "free of artificial growth hormones." (Press release)

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  1. valereee says:

    And the first signer on this letter to Governor Strickland? Aurora Organic Dairy, who have been in the news a lot themselves lately for playing free-and-loose with the term ‘organic’. Very strange.