Digest – Commentary: Deeniacs, locamore-ism

Paula Deen Shame Watch: Writes Avram Lyon, executive director of the Jewish Labor Committee, "I won’t watch Paula Deen anymore. Because now when I see her on television, all I can think of are the people working under horrible conditions at Smithfield. Instead of seeing Paula Deen, all I can picture is Vanessa Reeves lying on a cold, wet, slaughterhouse floor." We guess she wasn’t buying pork products anyway, but we’re glad to see the Food Network boycott. (The Jewish Daily Forward)

Locavore resolutions: Nancyjo Riekse, Placer County agricultural marketing director, says that in 2008, to insure local stays ‘local,’ we have to keep asking the question "Where did this come from and how was it grown?"
(Sacramento Bee)

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