Digest – Blogs: Test your 2007 food-politics knowledge, Nestle on low-fat, ethics of hair mats

starAttention regular Digest readers!!!: Get thee over to The Cleaner Plate Club, where Ali has concocted a most amusing "2007: The Food Quiz" for you, with multiple-choice questions like "How many pounds of beef products were recalled this year due to E. Coli?" We only missed two. You?

starTastes great, more filling: In this interview with Eating Liberally, top nutritionist Marion Nestle tells why she likes Pollan’s new book, and the part she played in the low-fat product tsunami to her great regret. "’Low-fat,’ as we now know from Brian Wansink’s work, is a signal to eat more calories."

Out SmartGrow the weeds: More on the U.S. company that’s importing human hair from China and India (right) and marketing it as  deer repellent, organic fertilizer, and herbicide, including a fascinating look at the cultural taboos of using body parts in food production. (Human Flower Project)

star"A perfect recipe for analysis paralysis": A dedicated locavore goes home for the holidays, negotiating with a sister who insists on asparagus in winter and says "Get off your soapbox." (Modern Beet)

For what it’s worth, they don’t scare us: On nitrates, nitrites, and their sneaky natural substitutes in bacon. (Wooly Pigs)

Bean there, done that: Nerdy but riveting account on how and why you should make your own vanilla extract. (Instructables)

"Reduce my food waste to zero": Some food-related goals for the coming year that pair nicely with our own. (WorldChanging)

2 Responsesto “Digest – Blogs: Test your 2007 food-politics knowledge, Nestle on low-fat, ethics of hair mats”

  1. ee says:

    Oooo! I scored high on the Food Quiz! Then again, I do get paid to track media for a food industry group related to a number of those incidents. It’s always fun to see how closely the Daily Digest and the daily headlines I send them match up. It’s sure been fun to send them all the reviews of “In Defense of Food” this week…

  2. Bonnie P. says:

    EE– mind telling me how you get paid to do something I’ve been doing for free 20 hours a week for 18 months? Letme in on the secret!