Digest – News: WSJ says FDA about to approve cloned food

Happy New Year … not: The Wall Street Journal appears to have a scoop that the FDA will rule next week that meat and dairy products from cloned animals are safe to enter the food supply. The article mentions that language to stall this announcement is in the Farm Bill version that the Senate just passed, but doesn’t address why the FDA would forge ahead anyway. Much of the article is devoted to how export markets would receive the news — which is not favorably.

Hey, let’s eat that one!: Iran says its first cloned sheep is thriving… the first one to have survived, that is. The team says that out of 10 animal cloning pregnancies, only 1 or 2 can be expected to lead to birth. (Associated Press)

Voldemonsanto’s piles of gold grow: The Company Who Shall Not Be Named reported its first-quarter earnings nearly tripled, to $256 million, because of surprisingly strong herbicide and seed sales in Latin America. (AP)

Florida citrus growers brace for cold snap (AP)

Hundreds of rescued chickens & ducks need homes in Massachusetts (WCVB Boston)

Bird flu forces Bangladesh to cull 20,000 chickens, bringing total killed to 300K (Reuters)

Israel finds bird flu strain H5N1 in dead chickens from kindergarten pet zoo. (Reuters)

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