More Montreal winter

I wish I had a tomato. Instead, I get snow.

That is what we woke up to on New Year’s day.

I would easily trade all this snow for a fresh tomato that I can slice as thick as I want, because I have so many tomatoes. My garden has given me so many tomatoes, and my CSA box is overflowing with them, I can hardly keep up. I can eat slices of juicy red tomato on thick slices of good bread, with nothing but salt to help create a bite of perfection. Instead, I got a blizzard followed by temperatures of minus 15 Celsius, which is about 5 degrees Farenheit.

That was over 3 months ago. At least now I can enjoy the fruits of my labour when I open a jar of salsa or take a container of tomato sauce from the freezer, but a fresh tomato I cannot have. I broke down last week and bought a Quebec hydroponic tomato, which cost over a dollar, and tasted like … well, like nothing.

Even though I long for fresh produce, I am enjoying the food I ‘put by’. A few days ago I made a stew from my frozen tomato sauce, along with some pork from the quarter pig I bought, and some root vegetables from my winter CSA box. It was my first time using a crock pot, and it was deemed a success. I borrowed the slow cooker from my grandmother, who doesn’t seem to use it anymore. I couldn’t find the manual, but I figured it would be pretty straight forward — and it was. I randomly filled the crock with some strips of pork, 2 quartered onions, some large pieces of carrot, rutabaga, and potato, a frozen 1-liter container of tomato sauce, a glass of red wine, some thyme, salt and pepper. I turned on the slow cooker and came back 8 hours later to a bowl of delicious.

Today I will pick up my winter CSA box, but I am pretty sure there won’t be any tomatoes in it.

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