Digest – Blogs: Blogfights breaking out all over the place

starThe Raw-Milk Defender vs. the E. Coli Avenger : Reporter-blogger David Gumpert comes out swinging, writing, "Gee, I’ll go to bed tonight feeling a lot more secure that food poisoning lawyer Bill Marler is out there protecting my loved ones and me." Mr. Bill calls him "pathetic and shallow" in the comments. Readers pile on. Marler lands a solid punch with "Admit it, you love it when I go after big beef and fast food, but are bothered when something you believe in is the target. Everyone needs to play by the same rules." He’s absolutely right. Let’s crack down on Big Beef and Fast Food and make them illegal! (The Complete Patient)

You shut up. No, YOU shut up!: The Locavores react like a swarm of angry bees to Amy Stewart’s commentary on NPR’s All Things Considered this week, that she wishes everyone would just "shut up and eat." (Eat Local Challenge)

Sorry Ed, you’re being stubborn: Ed Levine summarizes Michael Pollan’s Twelve Commandments for Serious Eaters, and disagrees with the edict to "Eat food from animals that eat grass," commenting, "As long as these animals can occasionally be finished on corn. Sorry, Michael: Beef from cows that eat grass and then corn taste better." Which leaves us wondering if perhaps Mr. Levine just skipped to the end, with the diet messages. Such steaks taste better because they are artificially fattier, just like bread made with high fructose corn syrup is softer, sweeter, and many would say tastier, too. Once you stop eating corn-fed meat for a while, then try some flavorful, meaty real meat, you’ll notice how blandly fatty the other stuff tastes when you go back to it — like Velveeta versus a sharp cheddar. (Do check out the comments section, where frequent Ethicurean commenter Fillippelli the Cook is taking on all comers.) (Serious Eats)

Bronx cheers: Tom Philpott digs out a nugget from last week’s food section whose significance passed us by — that "Gov. Eliot Spitzer told the New York Farm Bureau that ground would be broken this year on a wholesale farmers’ market somewhere near the massive wholesale food complex in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx" — and explains why it will be a boon to farmers’ energy reserves. (Gristmill)

Seeking the SOLE platform: Checking the websites of Clinton, Obama, Edwards, and Huckabee, one foodie blogger notices that Edwards’s is the only one to talk about food & agriculture. (He had us at "Passing a national moratorium on the construction and expansion of hog farm lagoons.") (Food Democracy) Related: Kerry reveals who’s been advising Edwards.

So much for "Avoid foods that make health claims": Chiquita bananas now come with "fat-free" stickers. (What to Eat)

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  1. ExPat Chef says:

    Bzzzz. Guilty. A point we ELCers did not cover is that Ms. Stewart wrote in the NYTimes about the value of local flower shops. Seems a bit contradictory to an anti-local food message, huh? I don’t eat a lot of flowers. But, when I buy them, I buy them from the same farmers who grow my food.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! And, while I like Ed Levine and Serious Eats, he has some learnin’ to do about these types of issues. That said, there is an interesting post on Serious Eats from Jamie Forrest about more humanely raised veal.