Digest – Commentary: Obama’s and Clinton’s Big Ag donations, pro-GMO, it’s baaack

Yay! Now we don’t have to do it: Tom Philpott contrasts the food and ag policies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. We guess he thinks it’s buh-bye, Edwards. (Grist)

"Frankenstein foods are not monsters": Why the EU should shut up and buy American GM crops. (Times Online)

It’s Farm Bill time again…: Ethicurean buddy Aimee Witteman publishes the first of five farm bill fact sheets, this one about more policies are needed to support beginning farmers and ranchers. (Gristmill)

Wheeling and dealing: The next step in the Food and Farm Bill process is a negotiation between the House and Senate. The California-based Modesto Bee editorial board encourages Speaker Pelosi to appoint Rep. Cardoza (D-CA) to promote the interests of specialty crop growers and to push for reform of the subsidy programs. Cardoza also happens to be chairman of the subcommittee that oversees organic agriculture.

EWG rounds up the "storm of critical Farm Bill editorials" (which frankly we can’t bear to read)


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