Pollan painting #2: Chicken Little at Magic Mountain

On our recent Pollan Painting weekend, my five-year-old son Frederick and I read with interest about the slaughter technique used at Joel Salatin’s natural poultry operation. Frederick  has some personal knowledge of poultry slaughter but was curious about commercial slaughter operations. A Google image search of “chicken slaughter” inspired him to paint this:

[See his first Pollan-inspired painting, Children of the corn]


4 Responsesto “Pollan painting #2: Chicken Little at Magic Mountain”

  1. Bart Nagel says:

    Tell Frederick he does great work – €”his rendering of the chicken shows real talent — €”it seems like a simple painting but the use of color and transparency and the composition demonstrate genuine artistic sensibility.
    Plus, it’s funny.

  2. Leah Koenig says:

    Wow – that kid has serious talent! I don’t think my painting of a chicken would be any better and I’ve got 20 years on Frederick! :)

  3. Amanda Rose says:


    That’s pretty much what I said. I tried to paint a chicken and the proportions are all off. There is also something just inherently more cute about child art.


  4. Amanda Rose says:

    Hi Bart. I don’t know how I missed your comment. He likes pink which is why he chose the pink construction paper. He chose white because the chickens in the inspiration picture were white:


    In a future “Pollan painting,” he chose pink for a wild boar even though I directed him toward the grey tones. All pigs are pinks after all and, more importantly, pink is Frederick’s favorite color.

    It was great to meet you.